When it smells so great you can EAT it!

When it smells so great you can EAT it!

OBSESSED with this mask!

This weekend is all set for a little self-love with Mocha Loca, chocolate mocha exfoliation mask.

Mocha Loca™+ Chocolate Mask by SIRCUIT® skincare is our sinfully sweet, no-calorie, guilt-free chocolate fix!⁠

It’s a little guilty pleasure that steps outside your normal routine.

Mocha Loca™+ is a potent, Chirally Correct, L-Lactic Acid peel enriched with numerous active ingredients and powerful antioxidants that help to shield against the harmful effects of free radical damage that can result in accelerated aging.

Supercharged with potent ingredients that help to soothe and protect, this emollient formula softens comedones while the natural cocoa and ground coffee make it smell sinfully delicious leaving you with a beautiful, radiant complexion!⁠

The result is straight up sensational.

SIRCUIT® skincare … because it’s everything most skincare companies aren’t.