With only one handpiece without the additional cartridges, HIPRO-V delivers HIFU energy to the SMAS layer which is located between subcutaneous tissue and muscle, or deep dermis, or the fat layers in the body.

  • With a 0.7 ~ 1.0 mm size of TCP (Thermal Coagulation Point) zone, SMAS contraction is achieved
  • Reduces fat thickness without surgery, or skin surface damage
  • TGA approval as total face lifting & body slimming solution.
  • The shortest treatment time with our active scanning technique.
  • No down time and immediate resumption of normal activities.
  • Low cost per treatment.
  • Compact & portable size.
Hipro-v machine


Labelled area of the face
Labelled area of the body



Single fixed cartridge for all body and face work.
Simple push button to switch all treatment modes.

Adjustable depth at the push of a button;
Face (1.5mm to 4.5mm in 0.5mm increments)
Body (6.0mm to 13mm in 1mm increments)

Cartridge has 8,000,000 shots that can be used at
all depths. Low cost of operation per treatment.

Active scanning treatment using sweeping movements
allowing for targeted treatment and scan times 4 times
quicker than conventional treatments.

Traditional HIFU

At least 5 separate cartridges required for
face and body.

Requires time consuming cartridge replacement and
only offers fixed depths per cartridge.
Requires time consuming cartridge replacement and
only offers fixed depths per cartridge.

Cartridges with a few as 10,000 shots before replacement is needed. Makes
ownership expensive and wasteful especially for depths you rarely use.

Line by line treatment with no active feedback. Poor targeting and
limited ability to customise treatment

The HIPRO-V is Fully TGA approved means you are buying a medically approved product. Most other conventional HIFU are not approved, which means you could be liable if patient injury occurs or left out of pocket when the TGA mandates a recall. FDA and CE is not enough and means nothing in Australia.